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Background Checks


What We Do

Lately, there has been an increase in companies and websites performing background checks.  These companies are often using outdated databases that only provide pieces of information with no quality assurance and no review by licensed investigators.  At Aren Investigations, we use the largest and most reliable databases of public information in the United States.  We use the same databases that are being used by various law enforcement agencies around the United States.

We Offer

- Criminal Background Checks

The Criminal background checks focuses on finding criminal records.  The criminal background checks performed by Aren Investigations has helped individuals and businesses reduce risks from fraud, embezzlement, violent crimes, substance abuse, and other crimes.

- Employment Background Checks

The Employment Background checks focuses on investigating current and potential employees.  The employment background checks screen for criminal records, driving records, education, credit checks, civil litigation, liens, active warrants, previous addresses, and many more.

- Personal Background Checks

The Personal background checks are one of our most popular background checks.  it's always a smart idea to find out more about people you are talking to, or somebody that you are planning to get into a serious relationship with, or a person you are currently in a serious relationship with.  Often, your sixth sense doubts end up beings being justified.

- Business Background Checks

The Business background checks focuses on investigating companies and individuals you are considering doing business with.  The business background checks screen for criminal records, credit checks, civil litigation, liens, active warrants, current litigation, signs of fraud, previous addresses, and many more.


What is Included in Our Background Checks?


-- Current and Previous Addresses

- Current and Previous Phone Numbers

- Marriage and Divorce Records

- Assets and Property Search

- Civil Litigation and Bankruptcies

- Business Ownership

- Liens and Judgments

- Criminal Records and Active Warrants

- Licenses and Military Records

- Birth and Death Records

- Employment History

- Assets and Property Search


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