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Network Breach


What We Do

As demonstrated by several large companies such as Target,Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, no set of security measures is completely immune to a breach.  ​Aren Investigations provides network breach investigation services to clients across a wide array of industries including finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and others.  When the need arises to investigate a breach, our team of experts can not only investigate the breach and it causes, but they can also assist in building a comprehensive and timely breach response that addresses the risks to the individuals and organizations affected by the breach.

We Offer:

- A Team of Cyber Breach Experts

- Experience Working Law Enforcement and Other Relevant Agencies

- Hard and Court Admissible Evidence

- Experienced and Licensed Investigators

- Experience with a Variety of Cases

Why Choose Aren Investigations?

- Court Admissible Evidence

We provide high quality court admissible evidence that can make all the difference in establishing guilt and liability in civil and criminal proceedings.

- A Specialized Team of Experts

We have assembled a specialized team.  The multi-discipline team include experts in physical security, network security, civil and criminal law, and psychiatry.  Their expertise is crucial to any network breach and post-breach investigations.

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